Nina Joshi Ramsey, UK

I was extremely pleased to have engaged Jigar’s professional services for the NRI component of a project. He has specialist taxation knowledge, with the added benefit of having worked both in India and the West. This gives him a unique vantage point on inherent differences in regulations, communications and methods of working. This know-how enabled him to reliably complete his own deliverables whilst providing invaluable guidance that kept external dependencies on track. He engendered confidence from the start with a professional and friendly manner and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services, nor in working with him again in the future.




Rajiv Bishnoi, Bahrain

I first contacted Jigar after stumbling across one of his blogs on NRI investments and recommendation for tax savings. To my pleasant surprise, Jigar responded quickly and since last 3 years or so, he is helping me with his expert, yet friendly, advice and services. For example, I did not even know that I could claim back significant amount of tax, I already paid over last few years. Jigar helped me in recovering significant amounts from IT department, which surely is a music to my ears. Thank you, Jigar 🙂

Although I am yet to meet Jigar in person, we have already developed not only a trustworthy client-manager relationship but more of a friendship and I am looking forward to meet him in near future. Jigar’s work ethics are exemplary and I completely trust him. I would highly recommend Jigar for all NRI related taxation and investments advice/services.


Samir (Sam) Shah, USA

Jigar is highly professional, expert in NRI wealth management, risk management and tax planning(India and USA), trustworthy, patient, and provides superior service. Jigar brings creative and practical savings and wealth accumulation strategies to his clients minimizing risk exposure. If you’re looking for ways of meeting that long term retirement goal, short term savings goal, or just need help creating a wealth management program that works for you, I would strongly recommend to consult Mr. Jigar Patel.

Biswajit Mitra, Spain

Jigar is a highly professional advisor with a strong client focus. He is very proactive and provides good advice and direction. He is thorough professional in his approach and highly methodical in carrying out any assignment. He thinks outside the box and is always willing to go that extra mile in providing additional information in support of his recommended strategy .Jigar has a perfect blend of knowledge and consulting spirit; He will definitely excel in whatever he does.
Gregory Khiara

Gregory Khiara, UK

“As a foreign investor, it has been invaluable to be able to rely on the expertise of Jigar Patel on investment and tax matters in India.

Understanding and following the rules applicable to non-residents of India properly is critical, and Jigar has been helping me navigate through this over the last 2 years. His advice has been broad ranging, including different types of bank accounts and various investment options open to me. In practice, he has liaised with my bank and provided the necessary documentation and certificates to transfer funds from NRO to NRE account, as well as arranging the preparation and filing of the documents required by the Indian income tax department.

It has also been immensely helpful to me when dealing with real estate investments in India to have Jigar stepping in with clarification on any matters such as TDS, Capital Gain and Income Tax which may be required and for liaising on this with buyers or their CAs.
I highly recommend Jigar Patel.”



Rakesh Kumar, China

I came to know of Jigar and his Company thorough a close NRI friend of mine in July 2012.  My subsequent conversations with Jigar convinced me that I am dealing with someone who not only knows the investment scenario in India, but also knows how to align his Client’s priorities. I have been with him for more than two and half years and have no hesitation in recommending him to fellow NRI’s who are looking for an expert on Investment and Taxation.
Prakash Manwani

Prakash Manwani, Dubai, UAE

Our association with M/s. Naresh J. Patel & Co. consultants started way back about 28-30 years back. Over a period of time, our bond with them has strengthened and become more like family relationship than professional because of their reliable services and guidance. The comfort zone which Mr. Jigar has given us by always being there for us, with his prompt responses and perfect guidance has made our business and lives much easier.

Kalpana Pendurty, Chicago, USA

Jigar (Naresh J Patel & Co.) is very knowledgeable about NRI taxation and regulatory matters in addition to his expertise in local India taxation. I was also impressed with his financial advise on asset allocation and choice of mutual funds to help me achieve my financial goals. He takes the time to understand what his clients needs are and strives hard to assist them in achieving those goals. Jigar is also very prompt with his follow up and delivers excellent client service. This is my first year using Jigar’s expertise and was happy with the way he assisted me with my US taxes and was instrumental in ensuring that I filed my US taxes appropriately. He is also knowledgeable about FATCA and other regulations impacting NRIs and helped me in filing the required forms to be in compliance.
Raju Mehta

Dr. Raju Mehta, PhD, Chicago, USA

Mr. Jigar Patel, partner of Naresh J. Patel Co., has been taking care of all our NRI related quarries and investment account in India for the past 4 years. Initiating my account with Naresh J. Patel & Co was one of the best decisions I had made for my investments in India. The service they provide is very personal, courteous and thoughtful. Jigar is very knowledgeable in both USA and Indian taxation rules , all the necessary requirements for USA as well as Indian investments and tax liabilities. He provides all his clients with all the new NRI related information and government regulations on time without even asking. This can be extremely useful, time saving and beneficial from the taxes point of view. I strongly recommend Naresh J Patel & Co. to anyone for their needs as NRI related to investments and taxes.
Marie Cooper3-edited

Marie Bellamy, UK

Chintan (Naresh J. Patel & Co) is designated consultant accountant for Bestobell Valves subsidiary firm in India, he is responsible for maintaining the monthly management accounts and preparing the annual returns for the relevant government bodies in India and managing the audit firm for UK compliance. It is difficult on some occasions to manage the culture and regulation differences but I am pleased to say Chintan has been of great help & support for me through this process.